Why Xbox Is Better Than PlayStation?

Why- Xbox- Is -Better- Than -PlayStation?

I am sure all the millennial out there must know about Xbox. It is one of the best video gaming brand owned and created by Microsoft. It consists of a series of video game panels developed by Microsoft. Among which three consoles get released in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations. There are various reasons for proving that Xbox is better than PlayStation. It happens often that kids get bewildered while making their mind for making a purchase between PlayStation and Xbox. But now no more confusion guys. We’re here to give you reasons why you should prefer buying Xbox rather than PlayStation. So let’s take a look!

Xbox live codes free
Xbox live codes free

Xbox backward compatibility is great

Since PlayStation come into existence, it never offered backward compatibility feature. But after the realization of the importance of backward compatibility, Microsoft added this feature shortly after the launch of the Xbox One. That makes Xbox much more popular and become the biggest selling point of it. This feature is completely absent in PlayStation modules.

Easy to make alterations in the profile name

Microsoft offers their players to make changes in their profile name while this is not easily possible in case of PlayStation. In Xbox, you can make alterations in gamer tags as many times you want. The first change will be free but afterward, each change costs $10.

In the case of PlayStation, this process is not quite easy. As per current information, there is no such alternative available over the PlayStation platform which allows players to change their profile name once it has been created. If you named your profile something like very bizarre randomly then be prepared to tolerate the same name till the end or prepare yourself to lose all the digital content you’ve purchased till now as a result of making a new account.

Xbox live gold subscriber can easily keep free 360 games for always

PlayStation consoles offer players free games for about two months. Players can download and play them whenever they want. But they’ve to pay for continuing  the online service. However, the moment you cancel the subscription then all the games get instantly locked.

While in case of Xbox One games free 360 games with the gold subscription automatically get added to your live account after the moment you purchase them. Even out of the blue if you cancel the gold subscription then also you will be eligible to play them. This makes Xbox One more amazing and best consoles for players who want to play these games daily. You can also buy Xbox live codes free of cost from various online sites.

These are some of the reasons that makes Xbox much better gaming consoles then PlayStation.