The Ultimate Guide On How To Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Ultimate Guide On How To Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is the most popular first-person multiplayer shooter game in the world. The global offensive is the new version of counter strike series. The new version has come with many new and unique features such as map rotation, tons of new character, new gameplay modes, leaderboards etc.

It is a simple game which is easy to play and understand but takes a lot of effort to become master of it. Many professional gamers also use PUBG codes to increase the stats and level of the game.

Here some guidelines on how to play counter strike: global offensive –

Learn the rules of the game –

Before jumping into any game, it is very important to know the basic rules of that game. Counterstrike is a shooter video game which has two sides – one is terrorist and the other is the counter-terrorists. A terrorist can win by killing all the counter-terrorists and successfully planting all the bombs whereas as counter-terrorist can win by killing all the terrorist and successfully defusing all the bombs.

Shooting skill –

PUBG Codes

PUBG Codes

Shooting is one of the most important skills that need to learn to play counter strike game. The easy trick is one can use to keep the reticule at your head height. In the counter strike, you cannot run and shoot like other shooting games. You need to stand still while shooting to be exact.

Crosshair placement –

Crosshair placement is the new improvement that comes in the counter strike: global offensive. Most of the weapons deal with the one shoot headshot to the person in this game. This means you need to learn the aiming head. Do not randomly shoot the body.

Financial management –

It is the game where financial management is also very important because you need money to buy guns, weapons, skins etc. You need to make your finances strong whether you are winning or losing a game.

For example – If you feel shortage of money after losing pistol, the best option is not to buy any weapon for one or two rounds. You will save enough money to buy a rifle for the next round.

Learn the map control –

It is important to learn the map routes as it helps you to find the routes faster and the bombsites. Once you are confident about the routes or movement of maps in a competitive mode you will easily know how people will attack and resist sites.


The stunning features and graphics make the counter strike number one shooter game. All you need some genuine practice and guidelines to become a successful player of the counter strike: global offensive.