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Ultimate Guide for Gaming Using Dedicated Server!!


If you would like to play online gaming, then you need to use the hosting service of gaming server. While there is a problem with most of the gaming server, as they already have many users on their site. You will be able to face some limitations with your gaming experience. For avoiding such problems while gaming, you should opt for a dedicated server. So that, you can be able to enjoy gaming without any problems.

What is a dedicated server?

A gaming server in which you have your own set of hardware or the cluster of hardware, using which you can be able to install the information about gaming. While you cannot be able to access the official version of games like Minecraft or world of Warcraft, as the gaming company will not let you charge for their game. However, you can use the unofficial version of the game, using which you can charge others to play on your server. Or you can also use it to play with your friends.

Why you need a gaming server?

If you are purchasing hosting from a gaming server, you might feel a problem in your gaming experience. But with a private gaming server, you can play games without having any interruptions. You can also connect the system of your friends with LAN cables to enjoy it with your friends as well. Instead of using rental servers it is better to opt for a dedicated server.

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Server setup

The job of setting up a dedicated server is a technical task, while you cannot be able to charge for sharing your service for gaming. In such a case renting is a better option as well. While this also depends on the policy of the games also. As you can set up a Minecraft server (serveur Minecraft), you just need to download the server file from Minecraft’s site. You need to install the .jar file, which you have downloaded. While the program will install all the necessary file on your system. At last, you need to locate the file eula.txt in which you need to change eula=false to eula=true.

If you have completed the above-shown process, then your server is ready for the play. While you should look for the customization of your game to make it more interesting. In the end, the dedicated server has many benefits while you need to make some investments from your side as well. But if you are a serious online gamer then you might have significant advantages through a dedicated server.