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6 Ways To Earn Money By Playing Video Games

6 -Ways- To -Earn -Money -By -Playing -Video -Games

Don’t you love playing video games? I absolutely love playing video games. What if I tell you that you can earn money by playing video games? Yes, there are many ways through which you can earn money easily. There are many gamers who are earning huge amount of money every year through these ways. So let’s start, following are some of the best ways which you can follow.

1. Play trivia games and earn

This is not the best way but what you can do is, start earning with the help of these games. There are many games which you can play like HQ trivia, Ebates, Influenster etc. Play these types of games score high and win prizes.

2. Play PC, PS4 or XBOX games

What you have to do is sign-up for a website that runs a competition and selects a game which you want to play. There are many games which are trending right now like Fortnite, League of Legends and many more.

Poker- Online

There is one thing you have to keep in mind, search for a site which gives more money. Do a little research while signing up for a site.

3. Playing the Casino games

Are you a casino lover? Do you have a favorite game in which you have an expertise or a game which you simply love?  You can play actual casinos online, there are many sites present online, which you can use and play poker online. Not only poker there are several other games too, you will get a plenty of options. The more games you win the more money you will get.

Poker- Online
Poker Online

4. Pick a tournament

If you think that you are a skilled gamer and have all things in order to get into a gaming tournament then this is one of the best things which you can do to earn money. You will be amazed to know that there are prizes more than $ 100 million is some of the selected games.

5. Become a Game Tester

Or you can become a game tester, this is one of the amazing things which you can do and earn money while getting entertained. Although it won’t provide more money. But it can help you make some decent cash.

6. Create a YouTube or Twitch Channel

You can live stream the games you are playing and earn money from it. There are some people who live stream there games and are earning $500,000 per month.

So these are some of the best ways which you can consider for earning money by playing video games.

Top 6 Benefits Of Playing Poker Online

Top 6 Benefits Of Playing Poker Online

This is the generation of high speed internet and people all around the world are making money online by various means and playing poker online is the way of overnight riches. Apart from money-making, there are numerous benefits of this game that you probably don’t know.

Here are the top 6 benefits you get just by playing poker.

Game of a concentrated mind

Poker Online
Poker Online

Online poker playing provides you provides you a distraction free environment. You don’t have to bother yourself by going to the casinos where people will be making noise unnecessary and diverting your attention. Concentration is the most overriding factor while playing poker. A focused mind can observe the situation and help you play to win. Your instinct helps you the most when you are concentrated on the game. Distraction of a minute can take away your game.

Teaches you money management

Poker is an unpredictable game. You don’t get to decide your cards and you may win or lose but money management is the real deal. Professional poker players are not obsessed with winning every game because they know the game and its consequences so they develop the money management skill. They always keep some money for emergency time so they can stay in the game in rough time and make fortune again. Playing poker online teaches you money management in game as well as in day to day life. It is the skill everyone should master for their financial freedom.

Helps you to be mature emotionally

Winning and losing is the part of the game. Every winning makes you a lot of money but every losing tests your character. Poker is a game for the grown ups. You have to face tension, anxiety and excitement throughout the game and you’ll have to live with the consequences of the game. Greed makes a man blind that’s why you have to be emotionally mature enough to control your emotions.

Makes you better decision-maker

Online poker requires great decision making ability to become professional and to make a lot of money online. Each time you click on ‘Fold’, ‘Raise’, ‘Call’, ‘Check’ or ‘Call any’, you risk your money. A right decision can make your fortune but a wrong decision will cost you the game. Playing poker is good for developing better decision making skill.

Improves your Maths

Poker players know that the game is not solely depend upon the coincidence. It’s just a matter of time when a beginner becomes master and become able to predict possibility on the basis of mental calculation. This is the game where maths becomes useful and makes you money with entertainment.

Fast and secure

Unlike time consuming casino’s table poker, playing poker online is fast and the servers are secure. Your money is safe and you can withdraw at any time you want. Anytime you can leave as per your decision.


Online poker is entertaining and develops many skills like mathematics, psychology, patience, instinct and money management in you and also provides a great platform to make money online from home.

8 Awesome Poker Tips For Beginners

8 Awesome Poker Tips For Beginners

To play any of the online games better, you need to know its tips and tactics. Below are certain tips that you can use to be better at poker online games.

  1. Learn the game rules, positions, and poker hands: When you have just started playing the game, you may be unaware of a number of game rules. Spend some time knowing the rules and try to learn them as soon as possible. Knowing the game rules is not enough, you also need to create a strategy that will help you win the game. Along with the rules, you also need to understand what the position and poker hands are!
  1. Start with low stakes: This is the most important tip in my opinion. When you are not familiar with the game, don’t put higher stakes. Start slowly and try to understand the game first. You can also identify the strategies that your opponent are using in the game and use them in order to play the game better.
  1. Practice on a regular basis: Practice is necessary if you want to perform well in any game. Same is the case with the poker games. When you are in the beginning phase of the game, you should practice daily so that you become aware of all the game tactics. Use lower stakes for practice and when you become an expert, go for higher stakes.
  1. Play when you are in a good mood: You should play when you are in a good mood. This is because when you are in a bad mood, you are more likely to take wrong decisions and so you should avoid doing that.
Poker Online
Poker Online
  1. Learn the odds: different games have different odds, So know the odds of your chosen game and play well.
  1. Take your time: You need to expend some time and learn to play the game nicely. If you lose your confidence at the beginning itself, you can’t do good in the game. So stay calm and have a little patience.
  1. Guess your opponent’s cards: If you can guess the cards of your opponent, it becomes easier for you to take control of the game and be the winner.
  1. Know when to quit playing the game: It’s very important to know the right time to quit the game. When you are losing continuously, it’s better to quit playing. If you put some more value at stake, you can lose that amount also.


If you are a beginner, consider the above-listed tips to make your game better.

An Introduction To The Online Gambling Games.

An Introduction To The Online Gambling Games.

With the rigid changes in the world of technology online gaming has captured the whole market that is associated with media and entertainment. People now are more curious about playing games instead of watching movies or any other way of utilising their leisure time.

Nowadays you can see the launching of new series of games every month or even weeks and all come in attractive and incredible features that differ from one another. People who are in habit of visiting casinos for gambling, playing cards, betting etc. would be able to fulfil their needs without spending their extra time for travelling as many of the gambling games has come into existence which is played live with the help of most of the casinos that are completely registered.

Different kinds of online gambling games

  • Racing games

  • Poker games

  • Table games

  • Royal Online

  • E-betting

  • Lottery

  • Microgaming

  • Judi Online

    Judi Online
    Judi Online

Racing games

It is a kind of video games in which the players to take part in a competition where they bet on the performer of their own choice as prediction thus their lose or win depends upon the performance of that candidate only who may be either human being, horse or vehicles like cars.

Poker games

It is a card game that comprises gambling, betting and requires all the strategy which a usual player needs at the time of dealing with that in reality. It is a family game that is preferred to play with the relatives or friends as well.

Table games

It will need to be conveyed by live dealers who compete among themselves. It includes blackjack, craps, roulette and so on. It is very much interesting at the same time contains risks that require a lot of concentration and presence of mind.

Royal Online

It basically refers the battlefield gaming in which player searches for the weapons to be used for attacking the rival, in this way the winner is decided.


It is also a part of gambling that is associated hazarding of money on the particular event as a motive of winning money, material or valuable things. It basically requires three basic elements exact prediction, experience and at last luck which can turn up the game anytime.

Judi Online

It is also considered as slot games that is completely a betting game very much relevant for today’s generation. One would need a proper betting strategy and suitable site for playing.


As gambling games are associated with many risks regarding the withdrawal and deposit of money that have earned or lost you should be completely assured before dealing with any of the sites about the history of serving players.