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The Ultimate Guide To Use A Fake ID

Fake ID plays an important role to convert impossible into possible.  As we all know it’s illegal to sell alcohol to anyone who age is below 21 years. This can be possible with the help of fake ID. Nowadays most of the people purchase fake id for various purposes such as to visit other countries, driving license and many more. There are lots of websites that are available from where you can purchase duplicate ID. As I also purchase an ID from Fake IDs when I had to visit China. They provide me an ID same as the original ID. I visited China from that ID without any problems.

Fake Ids
Fake Ids

Points To Keep in Mind When You are Using Fake IDs

While you take a duplicate ID from any website, must keep these points in your mind:

  1. This is the most important terms for the ID. If an ID has expired then it’s like garbage. Don’t accept ID, if it has expired.
  2. While you are using duplicate ID be confident because the person who is in front of you don’t know this ID is fake. So don’t scared and be confident while someone checking your duplicate IDs.
  3. Before you go out must learn all the information that is given on your duplicate ID and keep this in your mind.
  4. Make sure state logo or seal must be printed on your IDs. The missing logo shows your ID is fake.
  5. If the person who is checking your ID is saying “This doesn’t really look like you” that time you must be the smooth talker and can say “Yeah dude that picture was from when I was 18 years old”.
  6. Try to become a proud owner of that duplicate IDs and know everything well which are written on ID.

As we all know duplicate IDs is a common method by which underage teenagers obtain the alcohol in the US as well as other countries. Nowadays duplicate IDs are used by almost 60% of the people to enter that premises where they are prohibited.

Benefits of using a duplicate IDs

  1. Duplicate ID will allow you to get in bars if you are below 21.
  2. You may buy liquor from liquor shop.


Finally, I would like to say, duplicate ID is beneficial for teenagers and for that person who is not allowed to do that in absence of ID or due to underage.