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A Glimpse Of Places That You Could Travel Alone

Travelling is a great feeling and gives you a lot of memories and new things to learn as well. You understand the joy of life as you travel around various places that you haven’t seen or heard of before. Even when everybody is busy with their daily schedule, there might be some of you among them who spend all your yearning to just travel around the world. For those of you, for which travelling is your passion you need even need a company to travel and you could just enjoy the feel being alone. Travelling alone will teach you many more things than travelling as a gang as well. You get to realize and explore new areas and surrounding all by yourself. This can be a totally new experience to you, from all that you have been experiencing so far as well. Solo travel is sure to make you a strong and much more dedicated traveler, with some rich memories and experiences too.

Solo Travel
Solo Travel

Here are the top four places that you could choose to travel alone:

  • Melbourne, Australia

With many beautiful and breathtaking beaches, and beauty of the busy city this place would always remain close to your heart if you do make a visit to here. This is even claimed to be one of the safest international places to travel and many people choose to visit the place, because of this reason too. Either you can choose to  walk, or can ever rent a bike, as places to visit here all lie very close to each other and you can see all the places one by one without wasting any time roaming and searching for the places.

  • Thailand

With great equality for all genders, this is one of the best solo travel destinations for you, and also people here have the Buddhist mindset too. People of this place are extremely friendly and you can make some cool friends here. .

  • Bhutan

One of the world’s cultural countries, and be sure you have a guide to escort so that you do not face any difficulty to know about the places over there. This is also one of the first countries in the world to outlaw tobacco.

  • Alaska

This is one cool place where most of the people choose to travel alone. But once you reach here, you will never feel alone as it is a land of natural wonders. For example glacier carved fjords, majestic icebergs and the snow-capped mountains are a much heartwarming sight to check out.


So do make it a point to visit to some of the places discussed above. These are all really cool places that will make you feel more refreshed and relaxed. They are totally safe and great destinations for you to travel alone.