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List Down Some Cheat Automation Applications Which You Know

List down some CheatAutomation applications which you know.

Every video game lover wants to make their game more interesting and worth to playing free of cost or by paying some amount. Making any of the video games more interesting then I will suggest you use some hacking applications. As it will provide you a lot of options with or without using the roots. In my opinion, you can use some cheatautomation application which I am going to mention in the below lines with their characteristics. Have a look

Game killer

The game killer application which allows you to make changes in the coins as well as gems. This app uses unique way for modifying and also suitable for any range of video games. It has rights of entry in the device for giving best functions.

Characteristics of Game killer App

  • You will need to access root.
  • You can use modify techniques.
  • Search for more games by using unsettled commands.



This is a most popular and amazing cheat application which helps you in gaining edges and you can also make some modification to your games. Without using any codes of game you can modify the variables. Example- you can modify the features available in the video game etc.


  • Here you will require root.
  • You can give your best with the help games which are offline.

XMOD cheat APK

This game hacking application is the best tool to play with a rooted device. From this app, you can play various types of games and it gives you a lot of various tricks to introduce some new source of enjoyment.


  • You can search automatically for the oppose and different types of features.
  • Provides you different modes.
  • Several modes available which you can use.
  • Gives an update on regular new introducing games.

Lucky Patcher app

The software helps you in removing verification of license and ads. Here you can also change the features of games. This application works only on root devices and it also helps in manipulating the games.


  • It may dismiss all the advertisements which are available in the free game.
  • You can access characteristics of video games.
  • It dismisses all the verification of license.


If you feel that any of the cheat automation application useful, you can prefer any of them. In the above, you have learned all the features and works of the application form that you can make your choice easily. According to me, these apps will definitely help you a lot to take a lead on games as well as will help to make your gaming experience smoother.