Set Of Rules To Play Solitaire

Set Of Rules To Play Solitaire

There are several set of rules for you to play and learn the procedure how to play Solitaire. In this we will see the steps to proceed further.

These are the steps which automatically get generated in online games. Simple objectives to understand before starting the game:

  1. The cards get shuffled before the game starts. It will be an automated process when you play online but it is mandatory while playing with original cards. The cards when come, are arranged in sequence and that is necessary to change and the online games do follow it.
  1. 28 cards will be distributed in rows and rest will remain aside, except for 4 cards. The game is played with all the cards so that you can arrange it in a sequential form.
  1. Now, one card will be shown facing up and followed by six cards facing down, in first row. Next, one card will be facing up on the second row, it will be placed below the second card from first row followed by five cards in the same row. These steps will going to follow till seventh row in which one card will face up.
  1. At last, the remaining four cards will be placed separately above the piles of cards.
How To Play Solitaire
How To Play Solitaire

Now, we will see the steps to play the game:

  1. Start placing the small card on top of each big card, till there is no move. It should be arranged in one lesser than the top one.
  1. Now start arranging it in ascending order. For example: If you have 6 of spade then place 5 of any pack, just to arrange it in ascending order.
  1. There will be a time when you have to open the cards you have kept aside. It will keep you moving.
  1. At the end, all the 4 pack will going to have 13 cards each. And it is mandatory to have all the 13 cards belonging to the same group.

Main Aim:

The game will get over when all the four packs i.e., Hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs will get arranged in ascending order. The Ace cards will be followed by two, three and so on and it will end with king cards, separately.

The online version of this game is as enjoyable as it is in reality. You will face difficulty at first but everything will be sorted out after playing and practicing it for several times. You can download the game and play it or you can opt the online version, both are comparatively same.